About Us

Who We Are? 

MatterBlue was started under the umbrella of Raghupati Group. 

Rajeev, along with his two brothers started a textile manufacturing company in the early 1990s in the textile hub – Surat, with the aim to provide high quality weaving fabrics to the masses, at an affordable price. Over the last 30 years, it became a household name in the domestic weaving industry under the umbrella of Raghupati Group. He brings decades of experience in fabric & speciality yarns manufacturing, sourcing, operations and quality assurance.

Raghupati Group has manufactured over 100 million metres of fabrics till date & counting and continues to employ over 200 people.

Rachit, on the other hand, runs a software company (SaaS) building a product which is used as an alternative for spreadsheets & used by thousands of companies globally. He brings solid expertise in technology, design and marketing.

We focus on bringing unique designs inspired from the world around us and from stories that matter to all of us. We believe our earth matters and it’s our responsibility to keep it as blue and beautiful. Hence the name – MatterBlue.

Our aim is to introduce exclusive shirts for the conscious modern women & men, following ethical employment and zero waste production. Our personal touch and drive to customer delight sets us apart from others.

Why MatterBlue

MatterBlue was started with the idea to empower. Each collection we design is inspired from stories around us and are unique & bold. We want it to be that it should reflect the personality of the wearer.

Our ‘simple living, high thinking’ attitude embodies our core ideology – that humans wear their personality on their sleeves and we just want to empower them with stories that matter.

Each piece is made in fabrics for everyday use and customised for your fit.

All our prices are made ethically. We ensure fair wages and comfortable working conditions right from our factory workers and to our tailoring teams.

We strictly follow zero waste production in an effort to reduce fabric wastage that ends up in landfills. We exclusively manufacture and source fabrics from all over the world and try to avoid waste stock build up to conserve fabrics and innovate with new designs, fits and fabrics.

Why it should matter to you? 

Carry your personality on your sleeve, quite literally.

Get a piece that inspires you and give it a try 🙂